That which does not kill us makes us stronger

Another loss in our ranks. Tumblr blocked my blog, where there were more then 116,000 subscribers.

Patreon said that the topic voyer on their website is prohibited.

But, I do not give up. I do not want to work on the social network anymore, create unique content for them and always be guilty. Now I will give all the attention to this site. Soon there will be a big change.

Stay in touch and you will be rewarded.

Ps. Special thanks to those who support my work through Patreon. For you there will be individual privileges when I finish upgrading this site. Thank you all for your support.

A Farewell to Arms

Art by Vasya Lozhkin
I don’t want to have accounts in social networks. I’m tired of the fact that at any moment my account that I spent years developing, can be locked. Blocked without explanation. No answer to the letters. I don’t want to depend on a bad mood the next moderator. I don’t want to get requirements and restrictions. I do not delete accounts in social networks. I’ll rebuild those that are banned. But now, I will be your permanent address where you can always come and know that I have prepared for you something interesting.
Come here more often.
Sincerely yours TopFindings